Mission Statement

The Belmont Fire Department, a
progressive organization, through
the efforts of dedicated
personnel, will deliver the highest
quality of service to our
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701 Fork Shoals Rd.
Greenville, SC 29605

Fax: (864) 277-7019

Email: info@belmontfiredepartment.com
C - Platoon
Firefighter / Fire
Prevention Coordinator
Carson Couch
* The Belmont Fire Department
Does Not Provide Smoke
Detectors For Rental Property
Please visit sparky.org for fun
interactive ways to teach your
entire home what to do in case of
a fire.  Simply click on the link
above to go straight to the site.  
remain fire safe.
Smoke Detectors Save Lives
Remember to "Change Your Clock
Change Your Battery"
Smoke Detectors are
recommended to be replaced at
least every ten years, and have
one on every level of your home.
Never Deep Fry your
turkey indoors or under
an awning, roof, or
closed in area.  Click on
the photo above for a
video of Deep Frying
Special Fire Prevention Events.  Priority One for us here at Belmont is your Safety and Well
Being.  We consistently provide many avenues to learn Fire Prevention for not only children, but
adults as well.

Our Fire Prevention Program not only consists of tours and talks, but visits from Sparky and also
the use of our Fire Safety Smoke House.  We are very fortunate to have such a Great Command
Staff and Commissioners that support our Fire Prevention efforts.  Our * Smoke Detector
themselves.  Our doors are always open for tours, special events, birthday parties, etc.  

If you would like to schedule one of these events please feel free to contact us day or night.

Firefighter Carson Couch
Water Heater,
or Gas Heat
you should
have a CO